Starting a career in Psychotherapy or Social Work?

Secure your practicum hours, make meaningful connections and get expert supervision here.

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Stories from Our Alumni

Hi, I’m Liv!

My practicum experience at Alli was one full of ongoing support, encouragement, and community connection.

During practicum, I was able to get the direct and indirect hours I needed to graduate on time, and got to work with different presenting issues that broadened my skill set. Being welcomed into such an inclusive and warm team made my practicum experience one that I continue to be grateful for.

Olivia Johnson
Intermediate Therapist

Hi, I’m Kelly!

My practicum experience at Alli Therapy has exceeded my expectations in all areas. 

Not only have I been able to get my hours with internal supervision, but I have been welcomed into the team with open arms, been provided with countless opportunities to grow personally and professionally and have control over my experience.

Kelly Kozluk
Intermediate Therapist

Hi, I’m Mark!

I could not be more grateful to Alli for the opportunity they have given me. It is a fabulous practicum placement because of the wide variety of clients and cases.

My colleagues are second to none and the staff could not be more welcoming and encouraging. I would choose Alli for my practicum again in a hear beat.

Mark Murphy
Intermediate Therapist

Hi, I’m Kemelle!

I completed the MACP program at Yorkville University and Alli exceeded the practicum requirements of the school.

The supervision was supportive for my skill level as well as encouraging for where I wanted to be! One thing that Alli does really well is create a sense of community and alliance among the professionals here. We share resources, encouragement, and laughs often!

Kemelle Deeble
Intermediate Therapist

Hi, I’m Asha!

My practicum with Alli has been more than I could have hoped for.

The team are all deeply supportive of my learning process. Not only have I been able to hone my skills as a therapist with a full client load, I have been able to participate in a number of projects that have prepared me for the work I will do as a therapist outside of sessions.

Asha Katz-Feinstein
Intermediate Therapist

Hi, I’m Jessie!

My practicum at Alli therapy allowed me to develop my skills and build my confidence as a therapist.

I had the opportunity to conduct group, couples, and individual sessions with the support and feedback from my supervisor and peers. Supervision offers an incredible opportunity to learn new techniques and therapeutic modalities that aided my ability to grow and discover my personal style as a therapist.

Through the work, I was able to discover my ideal client while supporting the work from intake, session planning and termination. This experience makes me confident that I could establish a private practice or work within any mental health organization.

Jessie MacAlpine Shearer
Intermediate Therapist

Starting a career in Psychotherapy or Social Work?

Secure your practicum hours, make meaningful connections and get expert supervision here.

Take Your Business To The Next Level - Startux X Webflow Template
Take Your Business To The Next Level - Startux X Webflow Template
Take Your Business To The Next Level - Startux X Webflow Template
Take Your Business To The Next Level - Startux X Webflow Template
Take Your Business To The Next Level - Startux X Webflow Template

Starting a career in Psychotherapy or Social Work?

Secure your practicum hours, make meaningful connections and get expert supervision here.

Steer Clear of the Clinic Basement

You deserve more than just a slot in a clinic's roster. Join a program tailored specifically for your growth and aspirations.

100% Remote - Startux X Webflow Template

100% Remote

Embrace the freedom to work from anywhere.

This unparalleled level of flexibility not only enhances your work-life balance but also allows you to connect with a diverse range of clients needing your expertise, regardless of location.

Unlimited PTO - Startux X Webflow Template

Flexible Hours

You have full control of your own hours.

Our program is rigorous, but it's designed for your success. We require a minimum of 18 hours per week, which includes client sessions, record-keeping, supervision, and continuous learning opportunities.

Flexible Hours - Startux X Webflow Template

Get Your Hours

Our practicum program is designed with your graduation in mind.

With a 99.7% success rate, our residents complete their direct and indirect hours.

No more worries about client shortages!

Career Growth - Startux X Webflow Template

Continuous Learning

Enhance your skills and knowledge beyond client sessions. Participate in timely, relevant workshops and courses crafted by our experienced supervisors.

Dive into diverse topics, from managing trauma to mastering initial sessions and effective charting.

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Expert Supervision

We handpick your supervisor to journey through Alli with you. Plus, you've got a whole team of supervisors and therapists ready to support you.

Experience a blend of individual, dyadic, and group settings for multifaceted growth.

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Gain a Community

You're not alone on this journey! Join peers just like you, and connect deeply with our wider team of therapists and supervisors.

Here at Alli, we're more than colleagues—we're a supportive collective.

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It's More Than Just a Practicum – It's a Personalized Experience.

Step into a space where you're more than just another student. You're the future of therapy.

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Meet Our Full-Time Supervisors

You're never just another name on a list. Our supervisors dedicate full-time support that’s tailored to meet you on your journey.

Our supervision team comprises experienced therapists, all of whom have at least six years of practice and are qualified to supervise students throughout Canada. Our supervisors embody a commitment to nurturing the next generation of therapists with a rich blend of clinical wisdom and compassionate support.

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Marie Flanagan, RP
Senior Supervisor
Kimberly Pereira, RP
Senior Supervisor
Paula Gonzalez, RP
Senior Supervisor
Fiona Daly, RSW
Senior Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a therapist who understands your unique story, decide on a rate that fits your lifestyle, and begin a journey towards personal growth.

I’m from Yorkville, can I do my practicum placement with Alli?

Absolutely! To date, Alli has supported over 200 Yorkville placement students. We accommodate students starting in the Fall, Winter, and Spring placements.

I’m a RP student, can I do my practicum placement with Alli?

Absolutely! We are passionate about assisting psychotherapy students throughout their practicum. We often support students from institutions such as Yorkville, Martin Luther, Athabasca, and Tyndale.

If you're curious about your specific placement program, don't hesitate to email Maryl at

I’m a RSW student, can I do my practicum placement with Alli?

Yes, we do! Alli is committed to helping MSW students who are keen on securing clinical placements. Our placements offer a combination of direct and indirect hours, but the main focus is on in-session clinical experiences. We've supported students from the University of Calgary, University of Toronto, York University, and UBC.

If you have questions about your own program's support, Maryl is just an email away at

Does Alli operate in my province?

Alli serves both clients and therapists in Ontario, BC, and Alberta. However, as a therapist, you'll exclusively work within the province where you intend to register.

Which schools does Alli accept students from?

If you're on track to become a Psychotherapist or to achieve a Masters in Social Work from an accredited college in Canada we'd love to consider you!

We support students who are planing to become affiliated with colleges such as CRPO, BCACC, BCCSW, CAP, ACSW, and RSW.

We are always expanding schools that we work with - if you’re not sure please email Maryl, our Head of People to discuss:

When does Alli accept placement start dates?

We typically have three intake periods for placements: January, May, and September. While we recognize that some school schedules may differ slightly, we always strive to align as closely as possible to these months.

Will I be able to get ALL my practicum placement hours from Alli?

We understand how crucial and sometimes stressful it is to secure all your hours. Rest assured, 99.7% of our students have successfully completed their placements with us. If you've been accepted into our program, you're in good hands.

How many hours weekly will I need to dedicate to Alli's practicum placement?

We advise allocating at least 20 hours per week for the placement. This duration encompasses time for client sessions, a minimum of 2 hours weekly for supervision, 1-2 hours for peer group sessions, and additional monthly trainings.

What will my schedule look like?

Given that we operate as a virtual placement, flexibility is one of our core values. You have the freedom to decide the timing for your client-facing hours and supervision sessions.

We've had many placement students who've successfully juggled other jobs, family commitments, and major life events while working with us. We truly understand life's demands and aim to offer as much scheduling flexibility as possible.

How do I apply for a practicum placement with Alli?

You can apply for a placement with us through this link. After completing the link our team will reach out to you with next steps. We do thoroughly read through all applications and encourage you to share as much about yourself as you're comfortable with.

How long will it take to hear back after applying?

Typically, our team responds within 5-7 business days of receiving an application. However, on rare occasions, we might experience delays. If you haven't heard from us beyond this window, please email Maryl to check-in -

What is Alli's current acceptance rate for Resident Therapists?

While there's a significant demand from our clients for support from our resident therapists, we're deeply committed to ensuring that every therapist aligns well with our team and clientele.

As of now, our acceptance rate stands at 40%. For prospective applicants, factors like volunteer experience and additional courses can bolster your application, although they aren't strictly required.