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for parents.

Do you feel overwhelmed and lonely at times as you navigate though parenthood? You don't have to walk alone we're here to help you thrive.

The most common complications of childbirth is maternal anxiety & depression

Impacting 1 in 5 women yet there is no universal screening. Therapy can be a very helpful form of treatment but we must look for symptoms in our friends, partners and ourselves.

How to get support at Alli?


Take The Matching Quiz

You will complete our short questionnaire that will use data to match you with your most compatible therapist based on your current goals, challenges and stage of parenthood.

Take The Matching Quiz


Match With Your Ideal Therapist

It can be really tough to open up to someone before knowing if they are compatible with you. Our quiz ensures you find that match from day one.

Match With Your Ideal Therapist


Your First Mini Session On Us

You will receive your first mini therapy session with your matched therapist on us. This allows you and your therapist to get to know each other. This is also a space for any questions you may have.

Your First Mini Session On Us


Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Therapy is a decision to exercise your mind. Think of your therapist as your "mental health trainer" helping to bring you clarity, happiness, and a push towards your goals.

Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Free Upcoming Online Workshops

Online Therapist-led Workshop: 3 Ways To Stop Mom Guilt

In this licensed therapist-led workshop you will uncover why you feel mom guilt and walk away with 3 tips to release it once and for all while connecting with other moms who are feeling the same way.

Therapists that speak "parent".

Our dedicated team of psychotherapists, social workers, and psychologists have been handpicked due to their combined life experiences and education related to parenthood. From birth doulas to university educators, our matching quiz will ensure you find the best possible therapist to meet you where you're at.
Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma


Christina Callingham

Christina Callingham


Norette Rene-Gougeon

Norette Rene-Gougeon


Emily Kiar

Emily Kiar


find your therapist quiz

Find your most compatible therapist in 3 minutes for a mini session on us!

Online therapy for parents in Ontario - anytime, anywhere

We created Alli after speaking to hundreds of parents and we heard things like: “I really want to start therapy but in the past I struggled to find a therapist I connected with” and “I have been fighting postpartum depression but I want to be sure my therapist truly focuses on this”

As a parent, you are busier than ever and searching for your perfect therapist is exhausting. Alli is secure and easy to access- whether it be from your home office or your closet. Meet your therapist over secure video conferencing or via telephone. Let’s ride the waves together.

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Our Pricing

Mini Therapy Sessions

Book as many mini sessions as you need to find your ideal therapist.

/ ~20 minutes

Therapy Sessions

Your ongoing therapy sessions will start after you have found your ideal therapist. Your therapist will create a plan to help you overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

Your insurance might cover therapy. Click here to check your coverage.

/ 60 minutes

*Taxes are included in the price.

Does My Insurance Cover Therapy?

Insurance is complicated, we get it - let us lend a helping hand! We offer complimentary insurance support to help you understand your coverage.

Sarah Rennick - Support Team at AlliCherry Xu - Support Team at Alli


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